G-Surge Dual Pump Tank 40008

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G-Surge Tanks are designed to prevent fuel starvation issues in extreme lateral-G environments. The G-Surge Tanks will hold fuel in reserve thereby ensuring a constant full supply to the EFI system under any circumstance; be it slosh in the fuel tank, hard cornering, hard launches, etc.

The pump within the G-Surge stays covered with a steady supply of fuel from your existing fuel system along with the fuel returning from the fuel injection system. These G-Surge Tanks constantly circulate fuel so your fuel pump will stay cooler and have a longer life. G-Surge Tanks are an excellent way to increase fuel volume when adding a boost or nitrous power adder to your engine. Available with a single or dual pump.


  • Compact Size for Easy Mounting
  • Can Mount Horizontally or Vertically
  • Compatible with Existing Fuel System
  • Fed by the Stock Fuel Pump
  • Holds Fuel in Reserve Ensuring a Constant Full Supply to the EFI System Under Any Circumstance
  • Precision Machined Billet Aluminum Tank
  • Hard Anodized Finish for Durability
  • The Dual High Volume 340 L/PH Pumps Are Compatible With Any EFI System and Will Support Up to 1600 HP
  • Includes -6 AN Fittings and Buna-N O-Rings
  • Maintains a 1.5 Liter Reservoir of Fuel in the Module
  • Compatible with E-85 Gasoline

Horsepower capabilities: These power ratings are at 3Bar (43.5PSI) EFI, pumps are capable of up to 90PSI


1600HP - Naturally Aspirated

1400HP – Forced Induction


1800HP- Naturally Aspirated

1600HP – Forced Induction